The Baltic Council Pärnu Communique, 15 July 1989, Pärnu, Estonia;

The Baltic Council Cēsis Communique, 12 August 1989, Cēsis, Latvia;

Fax print-out "The Baltic Way", 17 August 1989;

Address to Alfrēds Čepānis, Deputy - Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Latvian S.S.R., No. 02-679, 8 August 1989, Riga, Latvia;

Address to Imants Rākins, the Deputy - Head of State Radio Broadcasting and Television Committee of the Latvian S.S.R., No. 02-680, 8 August 1989, Riga, Latvia;

Announcement to the newspaper „Rīgas Viļņi", No. 02-700, 16 August 1989, Riga, Latvia


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